The Caravan Salon 2017 in Düsseldorf 2017 is having many novelties in terms of concepts. Just a few days ago we showed here the Volkswagen California XXL Concept and everything that this huge concept-based vehicle is capable of offering. The Fiat Ducato 4 × 4 Expedition 2017, another conceptual vehicle that appears in Düsseldorf coinciding with the launch of the new generation of the Fiat Ducato.Specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts and those who want to get where others can not because of difficult aess, the Ducato 4 × 4 Expedition 2017 is the answer to all your needs. In 2015 was revealed, in this same event, a first Fiat Ducato 4 × 4 Expedition , although manufactured on the previous generation of the model. However, the 2017 model is based on the new and current generation which is, moreover, one of the most popular in the growing segment of the vans.
The Ducato 4 × 4 Expedition 2017 features a permanent all-wheel drive system with two transfer boxes and a viscous automatic coupling. The transmission line is fixed on one side, which ensures that it does not take up so much space underneath the chassis, while the total traction system works in parallel with different safety systems, such lectronic Stability Control (ESC).n the other hand, the new Ducato 4 × 4 Expedition differs from other versions by the combination of exterior colors, the equipment rack on the roof, the access ladder to it, a set of LED headlights to illuminate the periphery of the vehicle, mixed tires , a tailored interior and enough space to carry a motorcycle inside.n relation to the engine that drives this concept car, Fiat did not specify, but the new Ducato has diesel engines Multijet 2 with powers ranging from 115 hp, through 130 and 150 hp, to 180 hp extracted from its engine 3.0 liter.


A leader in the segment for 25 consecutive years and recognized in the Brazilian light commercial market for its excellent cost-benefit, the new Fiat Fiorino 2017 now comes to market with a new version, the Hard Working, which has many equipment, thus offering its owner a great quality of life on board.th a redesigned design in 2013, the Fiat Fiorino brings more fluid and rounded lines, which improve the aesthetics and aerodynamics of the vehicle, and still provide a size impression to the model. Its comfortable and functional interior increases the level of sophistication of the model. The ergonomics, the access to the controls and the practicality of the interior give a lot of comfort, while its container holds even more practical in the accommodation of items inside the vehicle.iat Fiorino 2017 comes equipped with the powerful and economical 1.4 Evo Flex engine, which has excellent torque at low revs and low fuel consumption – received ‘A’ grade in the Brazilian Vehicle Labeling Program, from INMETRO, which places it among the most efficient and economical in the country.he new Hard Working version of the Fiorino 2017 comes on the market very complete, with equipment that makes it much more comfortable, versatile and safe. Its series list includes items such as air conditioning, driver’s seat with mechanical height adjustment, brake light, power steering, board computer (distance, average consumption, instantaneous consumption, autonomy, average speed and travel time), account (with 2 front speakers, 2 tweeters and an antenna), with a built-in remote control and a built-in remote control. and floor covering of the loading span.It is still possible to leave the Hard Working version even more equipped with the optional rear parking sensor, front bumper in the color of the vehicle, rear bumper partially painted in color and integral caps, in addition to USB MP3 / WMA radio with RDS.he 1.4 Evo Flex version of Fiorino also has its 2017 line with brake light and external mirrors with internal control as standard. As optional, it comes with power steering, steering wheel with height adjustment, radio predisposition (2 front speakers, 2 tweeters and antenna) and MP3 / WMA USB radio with RDS.he consumer can still count on a wide range of customization alternatives for the New Fiorino 2017. There are over 40 Mopar accessories to make the model even more complete. Check some of them: alarm, carter protector, alloy wheels, carpets, anti-theft bolt, ecobag, among others.
Reference of market, Fiat Fiorino has always been thought and designed to face with tranquility and reliability the most diverse working conditions requested by the day to day. In its 2017 line, it offers even more comfort, economy, practicality, and an excellent cost-benefit compared to competitive models.
Check out the prices of its versions below:

Fiorino 1.4 Evo Flex 2017 – R $ 53,340.00
Fiorino Hard Working 1.4 Evo Flex 2017 – R $ 60,390.00

Fiat’s light commercial has been renovated with slight exterior and interior changes. FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles released the first official images and information as an advance to its premiere at the Birmingham Motor Show on 26-28 April in the UK.n terms of aesthetics the new Fiorino is recognized by its new front, which debuts a new bumper and an air intake with a chrome frame. In the case of the Adventure versions, decorative frames are added in the lower part of the body, as well as a silver bumper on the bumper. The 15-inch alloy wheels have also been updated, as well as the exterior mirrors and taillights.he interior debuts a multifunction steering wheel and a new infotainment system with a 5.0-inch touchscreen that features Bluetooth, USB, integrated navigation and access to applications. In addition, the dashboard is new, while the quality has been improved thanks to the use of new materials and tapestrieshe equipment includes: double front airbag, double side airbag, ABS with EBD, ESP, ASR, Hill Holder, parking sensors, etc.ts mechanical supply has also received improvements, as it now meets the Euro 6 standard. Among the diesel engines are a 1.3 literMultijet in versions of 80 and 95 hp, while petrol is offered only a 1.4 liter engine with 77 hp, besides its version Natural Power a methane, that develops 70 hp.
The EcoJet versions feature the engine’s Start & Stop system, which reduces fuel consumption, which in the case of versions equipped with the five-speed robotic transmission means a fuel economy of 14%.
In Italy, prices start at 14,600 euros, corresponding to the versions equipped with the 1.4 petrol engine of 77 hp.


Fiat has just presented a new pick-up to the public in the Dubai Lounge. Fullback, which is named after the central defenders of American football and rugby, will hit the market in May next year.
The new model, which shares its base with the Mitsubishi L200, is 5,285 mm long, 1,780 mm high, 1,815 mm wide and has a 3,000 mm wheelbasee engine is a 2.4 turbodiesel with versions of 150 and 180 hp. Serial count with full wheel drive and can be coupled to a six-speed manual or five-speed automatic transmission with Sport mode.
The new Fiat Fullback can be equipped with Mopar accessories.


The Fiat stand at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show will be packed with special editions. They will be present from the S-Design series to the Fiat 500 Senssantesimo. To all this it is necessary to add also the new Fiat Fullback Cross. The pick-up of the Italian manufacturer could not be left out of this important car event and will be present in the form of a very interesting edition.eeking to reflect its strong character in its sporting proportions, the new Fiat Fullback Cross will be presented as an interesting option within the line. It will be offered in the double cabin configuration whose measures are as follows: 5.28 meters long, 1.81 meters wide and 1.78 meters high. Its wheelbase is about 3 meters.he model that will be exhibited in Geneva will have a body color ‘GrayColosseo’. This tonality combines with a front grille with frosted black bars and a protective front plate in silver color. If we take a look at the side, what will attract attention will be the new 17-inch wheels.or knobs, wheel arches and rearview mirrors also feature matte black finish. There is also a black ‘santantonio’ ​​bar in textured black and a new black cargo compartment cover. There is no shortage of bi-xenon headlights, front fog lights and LED daytime running lights.he interior of the Fiat Fullback Cross includes seats, steering wheel and shift lever, all lined in leather. The standard equipment will be composed of ABS, EBD, TSA, range warning, multiple airbags, cruise control, DAB CD / MP3 radio infotainment system and a 7.0-inch touch screen, Bluetooth connection and USB, heated seats, rear view camera and satellite navigatorddition, Mopar played an active role in the design of this special edition, since it created several specific accessories for Fullback Cross. These are the folding rear cover of the folding bucket with assisted opening, chrome plated corners and rubber mats.n mechanical terms, underneath the hood of the Fiat Fullback Cross hides a 2.4-liter common rail turbodiesel engine with 180 hp and 430 Nm of maximum torque. It can be associated with both a six-speed manual transmission and a five-spoke automatic on the steering wheel. One of its strengths will be the all-wheel drive with Torsencenter differential and rear differential lock (E-Locker). Thanks to this mechanics, the pick-up of the Italian brand can reach a top speed of 179 km / h.


Fiat introduced the upgraded Panda, which will also mark its presence in the Paris Motor Show, in two weeks time. The line of the Italian model will continue to be available in three versions: the conventional, 4×4 and Cross.
This facelift includes two new body colors (Amore Red and Metallic GrayColosseo) and two new 14- and 15-inch wheel designs – opening up the range of customizations. Inside, there is a new steering wheel, and new covers for the seats.ighlights include the new connectivity solutions, with the introduction of the UconnectTM infotainment system, with a dedicated app: Panda Uconnect, in an interface compatible with Android and iOs systems.
In principle you should keep the following engine options: 1.2 with 69 hp (with LPG option), 0.9 TwinAir with 85 hp between the gasoline blocks, and the turbodiesel 1.3 Multijet with 95 hp.2017 – FIAT TORO FREEDOM 2.4 FLEThe Fiat booth at the 29th São Paulo Salon 2016 also highlights the launch of the Fiat Toro Freedom 2.4 Flex AT9, which arrives this week at the dealerships, expanding the model line.is version is equipped with the new and powerful 2.4-liter TigersharkMultiAir Flex 16V engine of the latest generation, with excellent 186 hp and high 244 Nm of torque, both with 100% ethanol, as well as a 9-speed automatic transmission, unprecedented among the pick -ups double cab with flex power in the Brazilian markehe revolutionary Tigershark engine is the product of FCA’s global development and offers maximum performance for customers who prefer flex power thanks to the unique MultiAir2 technology that controls the opening time of the intake valves by means of an electrohydraulic system . With this there is an optimization of fuel efficiency, be it ethanol or gasoline, also contributing to the reduction of emissions.
But not only is the new powertrain outstanding: the Toro Freedom 2.4 Flex also features several new technologies such as Start & Stop, a system that automatically turns the engine on and off and can reduce consumption by up to 20% in congested urban traffic situations; Sport function, which changes the calibration of several components to offer more agile and sporty performance, activated by button on the panel; and cold starting system HCSS, without auxiliary tank. addition to the standard features of the Freedom 1.8 model, the new version adds marine top, electric rear-view mirrors, brake light, bucket light, tire pressure sensor, manual leather-trimmed butterflies, 16-inch wheels Super Spoke and also an exclusive color, the Polar White, peashow also marks the debut of the Fiat Toro Black Jack special series, which will be marketed insed on the Freedom 2.4 Flex version, the series features DRL LED headlamps, darkened, chrome-finish exterior, blackened 17-inch wheels and black-trimmed interior trim as well as leather seats with Black Jack inscription and allusive badges on the front doors.

Ford Ranger Must Haves

Did you recently buy a Ford Ranger? Or, are you considering purchasing one? Regardless, there are a few features that add to the look and appearance of a Ford Ranger. They truly complete the look of the vehicle, allowing for an individual to make their truck stand out. If you want your Ranger to stand above the rest, here are a few must-have accessories that you need.

Grill Guards

Protecting the front of your truck is important. Trucks take a little bit more abuse than a regular car does. Therefore, it is important that you add features to protect your car. And, at the same time, many of these features actually look good. Grill guards are installed on the front of both sides of the vehicle. The protection from the grill guards starts at the front of the vehicle and extends out to the headlights. It is protection that makes a difference because it is heavy duty. In addition, it adds a mean, rugged look to your truck. The guards have the strength to shield your car from any off-road damage. And they are easy to install. No drill is required!

Car Covers

Your Ford Ranger will most likely take a lot of abuse while you drive it – especially if you use it the way it was intended to be used. If you want to protect your car from outside forces, a car cover is essential. It will allow you to cover the paint and even the tires so that the rims do not rust. However, your Ranger will still breathe. You can use the cover when you park your car on the street or in a garage – whatever you prefer. However, it will provide the protection you are looking for every day for your vehicle.

Tool Box Cover

Unfortunately, you cannot go from place to place in a truck with things lying in the bed. You don’t want to leave the bed open for people to take things. Instead, you want to make sure they are secure. Fortunately, there are custom designed toolbox covers to fit in the bed of your trust. This will ensure that your valuables will be covered and stored properly – no matter where you are. Installing one of these is usually quite simple, however, it will make all of the difference. And according to many people, this toolbox cover actually helps your gas mileage because it allows your values to remained balanced on the road. It is ideal for almost all truck drivers and is definitely the perfect compliment to any Ford Ranger. There is something you should know when looking to purchase a Ford Ranger Tonneau Cover. Take your time to think about how and what you use your truck for. Quarter tons such as the Ford Ranger have limited space in the cargo area. If you need to haul items such as sheets of plywood or other similar cargo, you won’t be able to with most hinged truck covers such as the fiberglass type because the gas shocks that hold up the cover get in the way. Now I am not saying if you are looking for a Ford Ranger tonneau cover that the hinged truck covers are no good. You just need to think about what you use the truck for before you buy. If you don’t use your truck for bigger cargo then a hinged cover is fine and the fiberglass lids look terrific painted up to match the truck. If you do use your truck for larger cargo, you will find there are many alternatives for buy cover for ford ranger. There are different categories to choose from away from the hinged truck cover. There are lots of roll-ups, folding covers, and even retractable tonneau covers. Your choices are many.

I remember when I first saw a roll-up truck cover on a pickup truck. My first thoughts were what a pain in the butt if you have to take that thing off every time you use your cargo area. Now that I am much more educated on these covers my thoughts are more like what a great idea. Most of these covers roll up in seconds allowing you full access to your cargo area. Even the bows that support the tarp roll up with the tarp causing no problem what so ever. More and more people are putting truck bed covers on their trucks. When you place a Ford Ranger tonneau cover on your truck you won’t be alone. The advantages are numerous. I don’t have to remind you about the price of fuel these days. Although vehicle manufacturers are making trucks lighter than years ago and engine performance is a long way from where it use to be. This all helps to save fuel consumption but we are still looking for ways to help save fuel. Purchasing a Ford Ranger tonneau cover will help on the aerodynamics of your Ranger and allow the wind to pass over your truck instead of meeting resistance at your tailgate. The more you drive, especially at higher speeds such as highway driving, the more you will save.

Now fuel savings isn’t the only advantage of installing a Ford Ranger tonneau cover on your truck. These covers are great to keep the weather off your cargo. That may be reason enough to purchase one. There is also security for your cargo to think about. Although the hard hinged covers, the hard folding covers, and the retractables all have locking mechanisms on them for added security, the roll-ups add a great amount of security just by keeping your cargo out of sight. Looks alone will impress anyone enough to buy a Ford Ranger tonneau cover. Whether you are looking for a great new look, added cargo security, weather protection or maybe you are fuel consumption motivated, you will be impressed with the purchase of a Ford Ranger tonneau cover. The all-new 2011 Ford Ranger from Cincinnati Ford comes loaded with passenger safety features that the other vehicles in its category don’t really offer. It comes with a multi-stage deployment airbag for the driver and the front passenger multi-stage deployment airbag that comes with passenger sensor. With these safety features, it comes loaded with three-point reel height adjustable front seat belts for the driver seat also with pretensioners. The same goes with the seat belt of the passenger who will be seated in the front to provide safety for both of them, on the rear, the person seated in the middle has lap static seat belts. Other safety and comfort features will include the height adjustable head restraints on the front seats, a pressure monitoring system that is fitted to indicate about the tire pressures, side airbags in the front and a clear and modern tachometer.

On the other hand, the 2011 Ford Ranger that is offered by Ford Dealership Virginia has some really great interior features that you would love. Some these include the 12-volt outlet power, air conditioning, an ashtray in front for those who love to puff and drive, an outstanding audio system that comes inbuilt with an AM/FM, a cigar lighter that is equipped in the front seat, lighting for the clock and other purposes. The 2011 Ford Ranger also comes with a rubber covering for the floor, cute and frisk holder for cups, speakers that could pack a blast, ventilation system to keep you fresh and a state of the art tachometer. The 2011 Ford Ranger comes loaded with front and back bumpers for added safety, driver and passenger adjustable mirrors and halogen headlights. The all-new 2011 Ford Ranger comes with a powerful 2.3-liter engine that generates 143 horsepower at 5,250 rpm and 154 lb-ft at 3,750 rpm. The vehicle doesn’t disappoint in terms of economy providing a city economy of 22 mpg and on the highway 27 mpg. The fuel tank can hold a total of 17 gallons of gas. The vehicle handles well on all terrains with its additional handling features like the ABS, four-wheel brake discs, electronic brake distribution system, electronically controlled traction system. On the overall, the vehicle provides no disappointment in any aspect.

There need to be no second thoughts when your mindsets on buying this vehicle. There are so many tonneau covers on the market today it is confusing knowing exactly which one is right for you. There are things to consider before you hastily haul out your wallet to purchase one. Just because you liked a certain model when you have seen it on someone else’s pickup truck doesn’t mean it is right for you. Those fiberglass tonneau covers look fantastic painted up to match the pickup truck they’re placed on. Did you take the time to think you can’t haul a 4×8 sheet of anything when you install one on a small truck such as a Ford Ranger? The 4×8 sheet will not go between the shocks that hold the cover open even if you try tilting the sheet. That doesn’t mean that is no good to buy a tonneau cover for a Ford Ranger. There are plenty of options available; it just depends on what you use your truck to choose the proper one.

You may find a need to place side bed rail protectors, tie downs or even a rack for kayaks, canoes or ladders. You will need to choose one of the tonneau covers that leave the stake holes open in the bed rails of your truck. There are truck bed covers available for such purposes. The fiberglass tonneau covers are not much good when you need to haul taller type cargo. There are folding truck bed covers available that allow you quick easy access to your cargo area by folding toward the cab which will allow you to haul taller cargo. You are able to get these in a hard or soft type depending on your budget. Many auto enthusiasts favor a low profile truck bed cover for looks. Yes, those are available as well. There are even tonneau covers that open and close electrically with the aid of a remote control. Of course, these will cost you but if you are looking for a great toy or just easy access they are available to you. Maybe you will need a truck tool box but were really wanting a tonneau cover, guess what? You can get covers with a toolbox integrated in them as well as covers that will work a toolbox sold separately. As I said there are many different tonneau covers to choose from. You should really consider things such as the type of cargo you are going to haul before you hastily haul out your wallet. It really doesn’t matter if your company has the need for a fleet of vans or just one, deciding upon either buying or leasing a van can be a very tough decision these days. There are many different pros and cons to each choice such as affordability and warranty.

Most people will agree that buying a van is by far the best option, with so many fantastic deals featuring the latest and most impressive range of commercial vehicles to date. One great advantage of buying a new van is that you get exactly what you want, should you want any special features you can easily have them fitted before purchase or even search for the exact model you want. A large number of workers spend more time in their vans at work than at home so comfort is expected just as much as practicality when choosing a new commercial van. Leasing a van can seem very attractive at first with lower upfront costs but in the long run, many people benefit much more from the purchase of a new vehicle. When buying a new vehicle you instantly have the assurance that you will have reduced maintenance and better reliability. A brand new van will not need to have parts replaced such as tires, brake pads or exhausts for certain during its first years of service at least. Commercial van dealers can offer a wonderful warranty to give you total peace of mind, some dealers now offer three years or over warranties on their vehicles. Warranties can now include a whole host of extra cover items such as corrosion resistance and many of these deals are offered past the original 3-year warranty. One thing to bear in mind is that if you were to buy a used van sometimes the warranty may not be fully transferable, which is certainly something to consider when deciding upon buying a new van or leasing. Many commercial van dealerships are in the position to offer fabulous price reductions with huge savings to the customer. These deals are not tied down to only the largest of buyers, anyone interested in investing in a new van can visit their local dealership and find new vans for sale at amazing prices.